This link really is not an art related link, but I did not know where else to put it.  If you are ever planning to come to the hill country, in particular, Fredericksburg, Texas, look at this link before you come.  It is Patsy Swendson's bed and breakfast called "The Cook's Cottage and Suites".   It is a beautiful place to stay and is within walking distance of all the things you want to see in Fredericksburg.  Her bed and breakfast has been rated as "one of the top 25 most romantic places in the U.S.".  Anyway, give her page a look before you come to the hill country.  Patsy is also working on her 48th and 49th cookbooks at the present time, one of which I am sure will be a favorite of ours, all about the tortilla in Texas.

Go to the Cook's Cottage


Bill Strain is a good friend of mine and a fellow watercolorist.  If you would like to look at some of his watercolors and some other interesting things he does, click below on his name.  When you look at some of his pictures, if you see a picture of a guy with a gray beard and not much hair on his head in the picture - I think that is Bill.

Go See Bill Strain's Work

I recently met a fellow watercolor (that's spelled watercolour where she is from) painter via the internet, from Orkney, Scotland.  Her name is Tracy Hall and she does beautiful florals.  Tracy has now ventured into animal paintings and she does great wildlife pictures - she has a red cockerel (what I call a rooster) that I love (and now i have a print of it).  She has also begun offering prints.  And I found out from her that her husband Jim, also plays the 5-string banjo.  Any family that has a 5-string banjo in the house, is good people.  Please take time to look at her work by clicking on her name below.  Tracy and her family (Jim, Jamie, and Jennifer) are some of my most favorite people.

Go See Tracy Hall's Watercolors

I met another watercolorist through the internet who spells watercolor "funny" but he does beautiful work.  A lot of his subject matter is similar to mine, but he does it from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire.  His name is Peter Saw. Peter also does pastels and other media.  Please visit his site by clicking on his name below.

Go See Peter Saw's Work

If you like beautiful impressionistic work in many mediums, check out this web site.  It belongs to Javier Lopez who lives and paints in Austin, Texas - beautiful work and too many subjects to describe here - you just have to go see it.

Click here to go see Javier's work

Ray Annino is a painter who paints landscapes, seascapes, lighthouses,  fishing and skiing watercolors from New England and Western New York.  He is a lot better about updating his website than I am so go see his work.  

Go take a look at Ray's watercolors

Judy Schrader is a wonderful wildlife and animal artist.  Click on the message below to go visit her site - you will enjoy it.  She also does beautiful commission paintings of your family pet, etc.

Click here to go to Judy Schrader - Wildlife Paintings

I recently met a great, fellow watercolorist from Texas, Dave Zettner.  Dave does beautiful "Texas" watercolors and is involved with all kinds of other artwork.  You need to go visit him - he be the guy sitting in the watercolor pan.

Click here to go see Dave's work

I recently came across a group of artists on the internet that are called the "Fine Arts Emporium.  This page has a lot things of interest to artists and those interested in art work,  work by many artists, lots of links to artists, news about artist's workshops, art marketing, art books, etc.

Click here to go see the Fine Arts Emporium

I recently met another Texas artist (although he lived, painted and wrote) in Hawaii for some time and is now back in Texas.  Don Huebner does real mixture of oil paintings and you can see them on his page - his work is so varied I will not try to describe it.  Just pay his page a visit and you will see what I am talking about - it will be worth your time and effort.

Go See Don Huebner's Work

I recently met a fellow artist from Bronte, Texas.  I had to get in touch with her, if nothing else, to find out where Bronte is located in Texas.  Her name is Sue Fletcher and she does great pastel and acrylic portraits, landscapes, angel paintings, note cards, etc.  Click on her name below to visit her great web site.  She also has some other artists links that are nice.

Go See Sue Fletcher's Work

Kathy Robbins is a Texan who was transplanted to California at a tender age, but she still has ties to Texas, and a Texan never becomes an "ex Texan" - we are Texans forever.  Kathy does beautiful paintings that you have to see.  She uses acrylics, gouache, and transparent watercolors.  This one you have to see.  Click on her name below to visit her web page.

Go See Kathy Robbins

I just met a fellow artist, from Essex (England) who does beautiful pastels and oils.  She does beautiful horses, wildlife, pets, and portraits.  I was blown away by her pictures. This is a must see! Her name is Lesley Ann Hartman.  Lesley, Tracy Hall, and Judy Schrader have recently gone together and have a wildlife website that is linked to each of their pages.  When you visit one of their websites, also visit their links and go to their wildlife website. 

Go See Lesley Ann Hartman's Beautiful Pictures


Last (but certainly not the least) of the artists on my links page is John Struthers.  He is not the same type artist as the others on my links page.  John is an excellent potter.  John is another fine artist from Orkney, Scotland, who produces one of a kind, beautiful pottery.  Heck, live dangerously for once in your life, and go visit John at his web page.

Go See John Struther's Stoneware

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