(What Shows I will be at and when, etc.)

This is where I put everything that I don't know where else to put (I think this is what my friend and fellow watercolorist, Bill Strain, calls "gumbo ya, ya").   For a while I quit taking credit cards but now I am again accepting Visa, Master Charge, American Express and Discovery credit cards.

 I just finished  exhibiting at the Rockport (Texas) Art Festival  July 4th weekend.  This is always a good show and it is on the beach so there is a lot of things going on there, in addition to about 200 good artists.  

(1)   I have my first Giclee' print.  It is of the Alamo watercolor in the Hill Country gallery.  When you go to the Alamo picture, it also explains what a Giclee' print is and more about the Alamo print.  I now have several Giclee' prints and they are identified in the gallery.

(2) I will be exhibiting at the River Art Group show (first weekend of October, 2009) in San Antonio in the area called La Villita - this is a good show and things are beginning to cool down some by October.  Every year, my space is outside on the patio and it is shady and cool.  Come visit if you can.   

(3) If you live in the Houston/Galveston area, there is one place in Galveston that carries some of my work.  They usually have some of my prints and occasionally some of my originals.  The place is located on the Strand (also on Strand Street) in Galveston and it is called The Admiralty.  They are the only people that carry my work.  They have a variety of marine pictures and ship models and other sea related things.  If you go in there, tell Tina or Allen that I sent you.  If you would like to look at their online catalog, please click on the Admiralty, below.

Visit the Admiralty - Galveston, Texas

(4) There is one other place that carries some of my originals and some of my prints.  The TRADEWINDS in Kemah, Texas (located at 602 - 6th street) is now carrying some of my prints.  While you are down at Kemah eating at one of the great seafood restaurants, stop at the Tradewinds and say hello to Susan and Dewey Perry.  You have to pass their place to get to the restaurants anyway.

Acknowledgments & Thanks

I'd like to write a few lines thanking Mary Ann for allowing me to sit over in the studio for hours painting, and sometimes pickin' and singing on my 5-string banjo and 12 string guitar, and/or listening to Texas music and old timey string band music  while I paint - they keep me going - going where? Damfino?                                                                                                      

Previously I asked that you hang in there with me until I get this page finished - I have since learned it is never finished and it just keeps evolving -so hang in there anyway - I won't drop you.

So the next time you are in port, home on the range, at an art show your spouse drug you to (when you could be playing golf), looking for Luckenbach, Texas, or lost (you almost have to be lost to find us) and wandering aimlessly in the Texas Hill Country,  I hope you will come see me (if you have not already driven about 3 miles on an unpaved-caliche road, you are not near us), and you may be lost.   So on any day, what you see is what you get and thanks for visiting, and come back soon, I may have changed things since your last visit.

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