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10 » Judson

Location: Ashton
Date: 21.09.2012
Time: 16:42:40
Fantastic page, Stick to the fantastic work. Thanks a ton.

9 » Leanne

Location: Granby
Date: 21.09.2012
Time: 12:29:36
Many thanks for sharing your amazing site.

8 » Pat Glenn

Location: the great state of Texas
Date: 07.09.2012
Time: 15:00:29

If you sign my guestbook, your entry will be reviewed by me. If your entry in this guestbook is selling something it will not be accepted. If it has something to do with me or my artwork, good or bad, it certainly will be accepted. If you don't mention at least one of the following words: art, artist, painting, watercolors, Texas, your entry will not be accepted and will be deleted.

7 » Kathy

Location: Cedar Park Texas
Date: 16.04.2012
Time: 11:00:10
Nice to look over your website. We first saw your art at the Texas Culture Bash (in '95 I think) and were lucky to win one of your paintings during the art auction. We picked up 3 more pieces over the next few years, but our favorite is the painting of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art!

6 » Katie

Location: United States
Date: 09.11.2011
Time: 04:24:31
Greetings from Chicago! biggrin

5 » Bobette

Location: Houston
Date: 23.07.2011
Time: 22:43:24
Hope to see you at the Bayou Art Festival here in Houston one day (especially the one in the Spring - not so hot!). We'd like to move to Bolivar one day, so would love a painting of the lighthouse.

4 » Ann Cantu

Location: Houston
Date: 11.07.2011
Time: 23:11:13
Love your watercolors - what great use of color and subject matter. I'm especially fond of the lighthouses. Maybe I'll buy one of your paintings some day. Keep up the good work! thumbup smile

3 » Sylvain

Location: Paris, France
Date: 01.07.2011
Time: 09:58:07
Nice website, congratulation !
super site, toutes mes félicitations !

2 » Carol Lois Haywood

Location: California
Date: 04.01.2010
Time: 13:30:47
Dear Pat,
Discovered your amazing watercolors recently through your website! Your boat scenes are especially exciting for me to see.
I hope you would let me create a link to your art gallery from my website, "Trawlers and Tugs: an art blog about the working boat" soon. I would like to use some low-resolution images of your work to talk about why I am a fan in a post about you. Thanks for putting your work on the web, Carol

1 » Bob Huff

Location: USA
Date: 22.11.2009
Time: 00:28:27
Nice site Pat! I hope you enjoy your new guestbook.

smile thumbup

Reply: Thanks Bob!
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